A space dedicated to unique companies at the service of your projects

Whether you are an established company or a growing micro-enterprise, discover spaces that will stimulate your entrepreneurial energy

Des salles de réunion

Seminars, offsite, stepping back, team meeting, workshop, training, conference, business meal, interview, videoconference, creativity meeting…

Des espaces communs

Collective spaces equipped with all the professional and daily services that you and your company will need for a “like at home” experience.

Des bureaux premium

Private offices equipped to allow you to work as you have always dreamed of

Three pillars, reflections of the values of the villa

Because the spirit of the conquerors must inhabit each of its guests and the whole place is implemented to serve this objective


More than a place of work… It’s a place of inspiration where everyone can flourish to give the best! We are convinced that a good day at work also involves an inspiring environment, memorable activities and benevolent encounters.

La communauté

The Villa community is an accelerator to develop your business and your projects. Here we work together and share our experience with others!

Le goût d’entreprendre

In our spaces, we develop the entrepreneurial spirit and reveal the potential of entrepreneurs, to themselves and to others. We see failure as an opportunity to learn, not as an obstacle. We are convinced that everyone can become an entrepreneur, but each in their own way.


In Bernay in the heart of Normandy, we are now experiencing an unprecedented economic metamorphosis with the rise of historic companies (Arkema, Biolog-Id, neodigital, Protecop…) and the arrival of new companies (Aero aura, Aeneas, Urban Connect, Happy Home…)! The territory is no longer the same.

In this extraordinary dynamic, we have created the Villa des Conquérants, the first private place dedicated to companies. Covering an area of 400 m2 integrating premium work, meeting and relaxation spaces in a warm and friendly setting. The Villa des Conquérants was imagined by Basile Bohard, multidisciplinary creative & entrepreneur from Bern, committed to helping the community of entrepreneurs in the area to collaborate and develop. A true ambassador of talent and creativity, he continues his involvement with young creators, conquering French companies and entrepreneurs from Bern with this project. He designed this place so that everyone can be inspired, create and collaborate: creativity room, conference room, private offices, terrace…
What you’ll find with us is a home that buzzes with creativity and ambition. And above all, a place where executives, entrepreneurs and teams are thirsty for change and ambition. This adventure is yours. Go for it!
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