Our ethical charter

Our values

The inspiration

More than a place of work… It’s a place of inspiration where everyone can flourish to give the best! We are convinced that a good day at work also involves an inspiring environment, memorable activities and benevolent encounters.

The community

The Villa community is an accelerator to develop your business and your projects. Here we work together and share our experience with others!

entrepreneurship energy

In our spaces, we develop the entrepreneurial spirit and reveal the potential of entrepreneurs, to themselves and to others. We see failure as an opportunity to learn, not as an obstacle. We are convinced that everyone can become an entrepreneur, but each in their own way.

Our commitment

The Villa’s teams are committed to preserving the human quality and the unique working environment for our teams.
More than ever, we have an important role to play and a responsibility towards the damage we inflict on our environment. This is why we are keen to consume responsibly and in a spirit of solidarity, taking care to value repair, recovery or restoration. We favour short, regional and responsible circuits.
We have been able to assemble an ecosystem that shares our requirements and our vision.
We have chosen to train our teams and our customers in good practices around sorting, recycling and reducing our energy consumption.
Environmental responsibility is one of our pillars.

Our 8 commitments

Zero waste, zero paper and selective sorting objective

Organize eco-responsible activities

Vigilance on food waste

Working with local artisans and products

Limiting our carbon impact

Save energy

Promote low-carbon transportation

Use of ecological cleaning products

The Villa des conquérants takes concrete action

Our initiatives

Le recyclage
Waste sorting
The different types of waste are sorted into separate garbage cans for recycling and appropriate treatment.
An enlightened electrical consumption
The Villa des Conquérants is vigilant about its electricity consumption to reduce its environmental footprint.
Les produits d'entretien bio
Ecological cleaning products
La Villa des Conquérants uses ecological cleaning products to preserve the health of its occupants and the environment.
responsable eco-garden
The Villa des Conquérants vegetable garden promotes the establishment of green spaces in the city and local consumption.
Distributors of periodic protection
In our washrooms, you will find self-service dispensers of periodical protection.
Gaspillage Alimentaire
Hunting waste
We are evolving our service policy to avoid food waste and to supply the local methanization sector.
Alternative energy use
50% of our city gas consumption comes from local methanization processes.
Notre equipe
Adaptation to needs
We adapt all our services to suit everyone and promote your inclusion in a protected and secure environment.

Dans un cadre unique, la Villa des Conquérants, créée par Basile Bohard, a été bien plus qu'un simple lieu de séminaires et d'événements. Elle a été la scène inspirante de plus d’une centaine d'événements d'entreprises au cours des deux dernières années. Entre ces murs, les équipes de Google, Arkema, Maison du Monde, Lacoste, BNP Paribas, Crédit Mutuel, Fareva et bien d'autres ont partagé des moments inoubliables. C'est donc avec beaucoup d'émotions que nous annonçons la fin de cette belle aventure. Nous tenons à exprimer notre profonde gratitude envers chaque client, partenaire et collaborateur qui a contribué à faire de la Villa des Conquérants un lieu unique pour les entreprises. 

La team Villa des conquérants