Taking out a subscription to access the meeting rooms at the Villa des Conquérants has many advantages for companies and independent workers. First of all, it allows you to have a professional and equipped work space to conduct meetings, trainings, conferences, seminars, or workshops in all serenity. The Villa des Conquérants provides clients with modern, comfortable and functional meeting rooms, equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual infrastructure, high-speed Internet access and on-site catering services. The rooms are also adapted to all work configurations, from face-to-face to conference to teamwork.

A service tailored to professionals

The subscription offers great flexibility in the organization of professional events. Subscribers can reserve meeting rooms at any time, according to their needs and schedule, for durations ranging from half a day to several days. This allows for optimal management of time and space, as well as a high level of reactivity to meet last-minute needs. Finally, the subscription also offers a significant discount on meeting room rates, which allows for substantial savings on the costs associated with organizing meetings and business events.

An ideal setting to conduct your meetings with peace of mind

The Villa des Conquérants meeting room subscription also provides an environment conducive to productivity and professional efficiency. Indeed, the Villa des Conquérants is an inspiring and differentiating venue, which offers a pleasant and stimulating working environment for meetings and professional events. The Villa’s calm atmosphere, elegant decor and green setting encourage concentration, creativity and reflection, while offering a welcome break from the daily routine of office work. In addition, the Villa des Conquérants also offers a range of complementary services for subscribers, such as access to a kitchen and terrace area, a concierge service, technical assistance, and team building activities. These services complement the Villa des Conquérants’ offering and provide a customized, quality overall work experience for businesses and freelancers. Therefore, taking out a membership to access the meeting rooms at Villa des Conquérants is a practical, flexible, economical and inspiring solution for anyone looking to host successful business events and improve their productivity and professional efficiency.

Dans un cadre unique, la Villa des Conquérants, créée par Basile Bohard, a été bien plus qu'un simple lieu de séminaires et d'événements. Elle a été la scène inspirante de plus d’une centaine d'événements d'entreprises au cours des deux dernières années. Entre ces murs, les équipes de Google, Arkema, Maison du Monde, Lacoste, BNP Paribas, Crédit Mutuel, Fareva et bien d'autres ont partagé des moments inoubliables. C'est donc avec beaucoup d'émotions que nous annonçons la fin de cette belle aventure. Nous tenons à exprimer notre profonde gratitude envers chaque client, partenaire et collaborateur qui a contribué à faire de la Villa des Conquérants un lieu unique pour les entreprises. 

La team Villa des conquérants