The living room is THE room where we like to meet in work groups or with friends, to discuss, innovate, create and rethink our work…

A friendly place par excellence, we have decorated this trendy space as an ode to inspiration and relaxation. And in terms of surface area, the small lounge is not lacking in warmth with its central fireplace! We have selected for you several pictures of the small living room where a cosy atmosphere. Something to inspire you to create, or simply to provide you with a space to relax in the center of Bernay…

Are you looking for the perfect place for your meetings, your client meetings, your debriefings? The Villa des Conquérants provides you with a design, welcoming and friendly space for half a day. The style is very cocooning, in a classy vintage atmosphere with Chesterfield, solid wood and metal furniture. Accompanied by a set of objects, of various inspirations which creates a unique atmosphere and opens the field of possibilities, embarking you towards different universes and stories, you will find for sure the inspiration to discover new horizons, and to awaken your soul of conqueror.

The lounge can also be included in your off-site sessions or seminars at the Villa des Conquérants.

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    If you have some time, you can also check out the meeting room or the inspiration lounge. These two spaces are also available to rent for your meetings, or for creativity sessions. If you want to organize a seminar including the lounge, and a la carte activities, come and learn more.venez en savoir plus.