Entirely dedicated to efficient and precise work, the meeting room of the Villa des Conquérants invites you to concentrate and collaborate thanks to a design and adapted functionalities.

The meeting room is all about collaboration and facilitating meetings… Dedicated workplace, the design of this environment is all about focus and inspiration. In terms of capacity, the room can welcome many employees, thanks to a massive central wooden table. You will find here several photos illustrating the atmosphere of this room, entirely dedicated to giving birth to your projects. Something to inspire you to create, or provide you with a stylish and functional meeting room, right in the center of Bernay…
Are you looking for the perfect place for your meetings, your quarterly reviews, team meetings?
The Villa des Conquérants provides you with a design, optimized and functional space for half a day. The style is oriented pop-classic English, in a classy industrial atmosphere with a solid wood table, leather chairs and golden and colored decoration, accompanied by a set of objects, of various inspirations which creates a unique and opens the field of possibilities, thus creating a resolutely determined and energetic atmosphere. You are sure to achieve your meeting objectives and all agendas will have been resolved.
All this made possible thanks to a set of equipment (adaptable lights, teleconferencing, connected screen) that make this meeting room the perfect space for your business. Want to discover this space? Come and visit us.

    If you have some time, you can also go see the lounge or the inspirational room. These two spaces are also for rent for your one-to-ones, or for creativity sessions. And if you are interested in renting the meeting room, a larger meeting room is available!