A retreat meeting or workshop is an opportunity for employees to take stock of their work, to step back from their daily activities, to identify strengths and areas for improvement, to set new goals and to renew their motivation. By allowing for an in-depth analysis of the company’s issues, problems and opportunities, these sessions contribute to strengthening team cohesion and improving collective performance. In addition, these sessions also allow for the development of strategies and action plans to achieve the set objectives, while stimulating creativity and innovation.
Organizing meeting and retreat sessions is essential to allow your employees to take stock of their work, to identify strengths and areas for improvement, to define new objectives, to reinforce team cohesion and to renew their motivation. However, for these sessions to be effective, it is important to hold them in a differentiating location.

Choosing the right place for the right purpose

Indeed, by choosing an atypical place, you offer your collaborators a framework favourable to the reflection and the creativity. This will allow them to get away from their daily routine and fully concentrate on their work. In addition, a differentiating location can also help boost your employees’ motivation by creating a stimulating and inspiring work environment. The Villa des Conquérants is a differentiating venue that offers an ideal setting for your meeting and retreat sessions. With its modern and design architecture, its spacious and bright work spaces, its quality audiovisual equipment, its team building activities and its preserved natural environment, the Villa des Conquérants offers a work environment conducive to reflection, creativity and motivation of your employees.

Our personalized premium services

The Villa des Conquérants offers many advantages for the organization of your meeting and retreat sessions. Here are some of the advantages you can discover by choosing the Villa des Conquérants for your professional events:
  • A preserved natural environment: The Villa des Conquérants is located in a preserved natural environment, thus offering a calm and serene work atmosphere conducive to concentration and reflection.
  • Modern and adapted work spaces: La Villa des Conquérants has modern, spacious and equipped work spaces to meet all your professional needs. Each workspace is equipped with top-of-the-line audiovisual equipment to ensure the success of your presentations and interventions.
  • Team building activities: La Villa des Conquérants also offers many activities to strengthen the team cohesion of your employees. You can organize team building sessions to strengthen communication and collaboration between your team members.
  • Quality catering: The Villa des Conquérants also has a quality catering service to satisfy all tastes. You can enjoy a refined and tasty cuisine, prepared with fresh and quality products.
  • An ideal location: Finally, the Villa des Conquérants has an ideal location to organize your events
Réunion à la Villa

Dans un cadre unique, la Villa des Conquérants, créée par Basile Bohard, a été bien plus qu'un simple lieu de séminaires et d'événements. Elle a été la scène inspirante de plus d’une centaine d'événements d'entreprises au cours des deux dernières années. Entre ces murs, les équipes de Google, Arkema, Maison du Monde, Lacoste, BNP Paribas, Crédit Mutuel, Fareva et bien d'autres ont partagé des moments inoubliables. C'est donc avec beaucoup d'émotions que nous annonçons la fin de cette belle aventure. Nous tenons à exprimer notre profonde gratitude envers chaque client, partenaire et collaborateur qui a contribué à faire de la Villa des Conquérants un lieu unique pour les entreprises. 

La team Villa des conquérants