Les séminaires
If you wish to meet in a quiet place, in Normandy, 1h30 from Paris Saint Lazare, we will ensure a quality service, entirely personalized, and adapted to your way of working.
The Villa des Conquérants is an exceptional place located in an idyllic and green setting, suitable for the organization of seminars and team building. With its modern, designer architecture, spacious workspaces and breathtaking views of the surrounding nature, the Villa des Conquérants offers the perfect setting for successful business events. In this article, we will outline the many advantages of choosing Villa des Conquérants for your next seminar or offsite.

Workspaces adapted to your needs

The Villa des Conquérants has many modern, spacious and well-equipped work spaces to meet all your professional needs. Whether you want to organize a small meeting, a press conference or a multi-day seminar, you will always find the right room for your needs. Each workspace is equipped with top-of-the-line audiovisual equipment to ensure the success of your presentations and interventions.

An atmosphere conducive to creativity

By organizing your seminar at the Villa des Conquérants, you offer your employees a stimulating and inspiring work environment. Indeed, the Villa des Conquérants is surrounded by green nature, offering a serene and relaxing work environment, conducive to creativity and reflection. In addition, the Villa des Conquérants also offers relaxation areas to allow your employees to recharge their batteries and relax between two work sessions.

Activities to strengthen team cohesion

The Villa des Conquérants also offers a number of activities to strengthen the team spirit of your employees. You can organize team building sessions to strengthen communication and collaboration between your team members. The Villa des Conquérants also offers sports activities and group games to reinforce the conviviality and solidarity between your employees.
The Villa des Conquérants also has a quality catering service to satisfy all tastes. You can enjoy a refined and tasty cuisine, prepared with fresh and quality products. The Villa des Conquérants also offers special menus to meet the specific diets of your employees.
Finally, the Villa des Conquérants is ideally located to organize your professional events. Located near major cities, Villa des Conquérants is easily accessible by foot from the train station, by car if you are coming from Normandy, or by public transportation. In addition, its natural setting offers a calm and peaceful work environment, far from the hustle and bustle of urban centers.
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