Organizing a custom event can be a real challenge for companies. Between finding a suitable venue, managing guests and planning menus, it can take a lot of time and energy. The Villa des Conquérants offers a unique solution for custom corporate events. The Villa team works closely with clients to create customized events that meet their needs and requirements. Guests can choose from a variety of function rooms, each offering a unique atmosphere and elegant decor. Menus are developed based on customer preferences, with vegetarian, gluten-free and other options available. The Villa team can also organize customized activities, such as cultural excursions, team building activities and thematic evenings.

Teams at the service of your needs

The Villa des Conquérants offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, similar to that of a home. Guests are greeted by a caring and professional team that takes care of every detail of the event from planning to execution. Clients can take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere of the Villa to focus on their event and the goals they have set. The Villa teams can manage the entire event, including accommodation reservations for guests, transfers and local activities. In short, hosting a custom event at the Villa des Conquérants allows guests to enjoy a unique and memorable experience, with superior personalized service and a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Our personalized premium services

If you wish to meet in a quiet place, in Normandy, we will ensure a quality service, entirely personalized, and adapted to your way of working. Our concierge can manage all of your logistical needs for you, so you can focus solely on your teams.