Training is a valuable tool for developing professional and personal skills. They allow participants to acquire new knowledge, develop their skills and keep abreast of the latest trends and innovations in their field. Training is often held in a formal setting, such as a conference room or classroom, but more and more companies are looking for more engaging and inspiring venues for their training sessions.

A warm place for training

The Villa des Conquérants is an ideal place to organize training sessions. Located in a peaceful and charming setting, it offers a calm and pleasant environment that encourages concentration and reflection. The training rooms are equipped with all the necessary equipment, such as whiteboards, projection screens and high-speed Internet connections, to ensure a successful learning experience. Participants can take advantage of the beauty of the location to relax and recharge during breaks, and return to their training refreshed and motivated.

Our personalized premium services

In addition to the peaceful and inspiring atmosphere, the Villa des Conquérants offers a number of other advantages for training sessions. First, the Villa has a wide variety of training rooms, ranging from small meeting rooms for small group training to large conference rooms for larger training sessions. The rooms can be set up according to the needs of the clients, with customized configurations to meet the specific requirements of each training. In addition, the Villa des Conquérants offers a superior catering service for participants in training sessions. Menus are carefully crafted to meet the dietary needs and culinary preferences of guests, with vegetarian, gluten-free and other options available. Coffee and lunch breaks can be arranged to fit the training schedule, ensuring that participants are fed and refreshed throughout their day. The Villa des Conquérants offers an ideal setting for training sessions, combining a peaceful and inspiring environment with a wide variety of training rooms, scheduling flexibility and superior catering.

Dans un cadre unique, la Villa des Conquérants, créée par Basile Bohard, a été bien plus qu'un simple lieu de séminaires et d'événements. Elle a été la scène inspirante de plus d’une centaine d'événements d'entreprises au cours des deux dernières années. Entre ces murs, les équipes de Google, Arkema, Maison du Monde, Lacoste, BNP Paribas, Crédit Mutuel, Fareva et bien d'autres ont partagé des moments inoubliables. C'est donc avec beaucoup d'émotions que nous annonçons la fin de cette belle aventure. Nous tenons à exprimer notre profonde gratitude envers chaque client, partenaire et collaborateur qui a contribué à faire de la Villa des Conquérants un lieu unique pour les entreprises. 

La team Villa des conquérants