Committed entrepreneur, exceptional creative spirit and enthusiastic Norman ambassador, Basile Bohard continues to invent, to embark on both atypical and visionary projects. The leader of the neodigital group has thus decided to create, within his city of heart, Bernay, the first private business hotel in the territory. Covering an area of 400 m2, the Villa des Conquérants integrates premium work and relaxation areas for entrepreneurs who love creativity and ambition. Meeting with an innovative spirit, passionate about new experiences.

How was born the neodigital group, which carries the project of La Villa des Conquérants?

Basile Bohard: When I created neodigital 11 years ago with my brother and my partner, it was a transmedia audiovisual production company. We produced concepts for series, fiction, documentaries or TV shows. This is what made us known to the general public on channels such as France Télévisions or Canal +, etc. Today, neodigital is a group that builds and exploits the concepts of immersive places that I invent. Around these creative licenses, we develop imaginary and extraordinary worlds aimed at immersing our visitors in another space and another time, inviting them to question themselves, to marvel and to initiate their own inner journey.

Tell me more, you went from an audiovisual production company to an explanatory communication agency to end up creating immersive experiences: why?

Basile Bohard: The common thread has always been to allow our audiences to learn through entertainment and emotion, to make possible another way of looking at the world and to encourage everyone to develop their own thinking in complete freedom. . We did it in documentaries, for TV channels, then for our clients as an explanatory communication agency and we continue to do so with the creation of our own immersive places. It is ultimately the logical sequence of things. The red thread is still there, it is the means that have evolved and the increasingly important place of artistic creation and immersive technologies in the projects.

“The whole challenge of my work is to create places, universes and stories that exist through the meaning or questioning they bring.”

Inauguration of the Extraordinary Club
(from left to right) Robin Bohard, communication director of the neodigital group and Basile Bohard, President and artistic director of the neodigital group
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What are these values of which you speak and which seem to carry all your projects?

Basile Bohard: I sincerely believe that pleasure, art and wonder are powerful drivers in learning and developing one’s creativity. Allowing everyone to create, to dream, to build, to share, to imagine other possibilities in an astonishing and highly creative environment seems to me to be a meaningful challenge for the future! The whole point of my artistic work is to create places, universes and stories that exist through the meaning or questioning they bring. From the beginning, our values have revolved around the development of creativity, freedom, free will, this desire to succeed in changing the perception of the world a little, in any case to enrich it with experiences that allow ask questions and arouse curiosity.

In recent years, you have embarked on very different projects (creation of an entrepreneur club, an immersive roadshow to help job seekers, the bus des technologies®, creative immersive exhibitions, etc.). Where does this energy come from, this desire to innovate constantly?

Basile Bohard : I am fundamentally an entrepreneur and creative at heart. What I have discovered throughout my experiences is that the excitement of creating, of giving life to my ideas, to stories, universes or even characters is very important to me. But more importantly, it is the sharing, with others, of a vision, that of allowing everyone to listen, to see, to live then to question themselves, to inform themselves, then to doubt, so that everyone can realize that with their beautiful ideas, they can still change the world. Events are in black and white, it’s up to us to give them color. We all have a role (and a responsibility) to be able to change things, each at their own level. And my role is to create and give everyone the opportunity to do so too…

Immersive experiences at Klub Extraordinaire
The Extraordinary Klub, an extraordinary immersive experience labeled “remarkable state project”
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“The Villa des Conquérants is there to allow local entrepreneurs to have an inspiring setting, which is based on strong values, to never be afraid to be ambitious”

And how did the Villa of the Conquerors come about?

Basile Bohard : The Villa des Conquérants was born from the observation that we do not experience entrepreneurship alone and that ambition is developed collectively. We have been based in Bernay for 11 years and we have been able to realize that there is enormous entrepreneurial potential in our area. The Villa des Conquérants comes at a time when Bernay and its territory are experiencing an astonishing economic metamorphosis with the rise of historical companies (Arkema, Biolog-Id, neodigital, Protecop…etc) and the arrival of new companies ( Aero aura, urban connect, Aeneas, Happy Home..etc). This dynamic is revealed very widely in the circle of entrepreneurs, a collective that I created with several other talented business leaders. With more than 130 members, we are one of the most dynamic collectives in Normandy. We carry the values of sharing and exchange, which have really interested the economic actors of the territory. Given this enthusiasm, it is important not to stop on the way… and to go further!

Often, we need a house to be able to live, think and carry out our projects, a house that nourishes ambition. The Villa of the Conquerors arrives at this time. To allow local entrepreneurs to have an inspiring framework, based on strong values , to never be afraid to be ambitious! The Conquerors side, that’s it: positive conquest, not letting yourself down, always being ambitious, learning to get up when there is a problem but also knowing how to see opportunities and celebrate successes when they are there. .

Workshop of the Cercle des at the Villa des Conquérants (meeting room)
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The Villa des Conquérants is a modern, design and poetic place. How was it thought out?

Basile Bohard: La Villa is there to allow ambitious entrepreneurs to work where, when and how they want in an inspiring setting. Personally, I like working in a cocooning atmosphere. It’s reassuring and you want to reveal yourself, to be yourself… “At home”, you feel protected thanks to the benevolence of its occupants. The scenography, the design, the decoration and the concept, I thought them in this sense. However, don’t get me wrong, the Villa des Conquérants is not a coworking, we are renting offices (annual), meeting rooms. What we expect is to have tenants who are really there and who invest the place in a sustainable way. There are 8 offices for premium rental as well as several meeting rooms on the ground floor, common areas, kitchen, terrace, inspiration room, which are made available to tenants and businesses in the area. But a group or a company that is not a tenant of the Villa’s premium offices can still take advantage of these spaces and come and rent meeting rooms for a team meeting, a workshop, a training session, a conference, etc.

“When you want to take up big challenges, it’s ultimately just a story of human beings who meet and share their ambitions, their doubts, their fears and their dreams. This is the Villa of the Conquerors.”

How did you imagine the life of entrepreneurs within the Villa?

Basile Bohard: I think that if you create spaces that convey values, that are functional, that inspire people and in which they feel at home, the stories create themselves. The place allows entrepreneurs to meet people, share their experience, meet other entrepreneurs from time to time to change the world around a good glass of wine. And it is this type of relationship that is interesting because, when you want to take up big challenges, it is ultimately only a story of human beings who meet and share their ambitions, their doubts, their fears and their dreams. Also, having premium offices and quality common areas with kitchen, unlimited coffee machine, tea, all included, allows you to be totally freed from logistical constraints and allows you to focus 100% on development. of his business.

You too can join La Villa des Conquérants. More info here!