What are the objectives of these seminars and offsite meetings that are multiplying within companies? These off-site events have only advantages: (re)building team spirit, improving everyone’s performance, solving problems and boosting creativity, turning ideas into concrete actions. All in a relaxed spirit, far from the usual hierarchical barriers.

Create a real team spirit and cohesion between employees

What is team spirit in a company? It is a willingness to work together in a caring manner, showing solidarity. It is the possibility to work in harmony with each other, in the same direction, towards the same goal and making each member feel part of the whole.

Why is it, today more than ever, necessary to create a team spirit and to (re)build group cohesion within organizations? Because the health crisis that we have undergone has upset our working methods, moving us geographically away from our workplaces (with the democratization of telecommuting); but also installing a psychological distance with colleagues and with the group spirit in the company. The reason employee engagement is so important today is that more and more employees feel “outside” the life of their company and their colleagues.

Organizing a multi-day seminar or a one-day meeting offsite helps to bring teams together. Meeting elsewhere, in a place that they will appropriate together, sharing different topics of discussion, employees will form new bonds with each other, with their managers and with their company. Considered as “special” and privileged moments, offsite meetings help to build harmonious working relationships within a group.

Improve team objectives and performance

To improve the performance of a team, in a company as well as on a sports field, there are some essentials:

  • Valuing the cohesion of the team but also each individual talent
  • Rewarding teams “concretely” for success
  • Providing for the well-being of everyone
  • Create a common, shared and strong vision
  • Challenge the teams but without pressure
  • Promote transparent communication and active listening

Getting out of the office by attending an offsite meeting or seminar is always appreciated by employees, who often view this “outing” as a reward. By working in a new, pleasant and conducive environment, teams can improve their performance and productivity more easily. The activities proposed (brain storming, games, meals, conviviality moments…) will have an immediate impact on the motivation and fulfillment of employees.

Solve specific or recurring problems by taking a step back

You haven’t been able to complete a project as a team for months? Are you struggling to reduce some of the tension in your team? Offsite meetings and seminars can help solve these problems that sometimes seem unsolvable when we remain “locked” in the company.

Indeed, by taking a geographical step back, employees will reduce their stress level and take a new look at issues they know by heart. Thus, certain blockages will be released and solutions will be found more naturally.

After having identified together the problems that the team is facing in a specific or recurrent way, it is possible to invest the collaborators in team building activities around a particular point, the objectives, the communication and collaboration, the flexibility or the reinforcement of group decision making techniques. And thus find together ways to solve these problems.

The off-site sessions help to solve communication and understanding problems. Sometimes with the help of a facilitator.
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Boost the creativity of each person and transform ideas into concrete actions or objectives

The Offsite is also a good way to reveal the potential of teams. Each employee needs to be regularly stimulated in his desire to do and create. To avoid letting bad work habits set in and break the day-to-day routine, the Offsite can help develop new ideas, new goals and new capabilities within teams.

Organizing off-site creativity seminars or meetings will boost the imagination of participants and teams and contribute to revealing the creative potential of each employee. Innovative meetings and creative team building are the opportunity to organize, for example, brainstorming workshops in small groups around the objectives to be reached: find a base line for the communication, think about a new product, develop a prospecting strategy, organize an event…

These moments of oxygenation and creation with others are often essential to find new sources of inspiration. And when faced with ideas thrown out “on the fly” during a company meeting, the Offsite moments are there to help find concrete actions to put in place to make these ideas tangible realities and bring new projects to fruition.

Develop the ability to evolve quickly and adapt

Working 5 days out of 5 in the same company, at the same hours, with the same people and the same moments of exchange can lead to a certain passivity due to habits that are established. Shaking up your team’s habits by proposing an off-site meeting or even a seminar can allow employees to adapt to a new situation and learn to evolve in a different way.

Break down hierarchical barriers and promote more effective management

Offsite meetings and seminars aim to change the way you look at the people you work with, whether they are executives, managers, HR managers or colleagues. Team building or off-site meetings can help separate entities to communicate better with each other, and even create new dynamics. By breaking down hierarchical barriers, these original events, which bring new things to life outside the company, create an effect of proximity with the hierarchy and offer the opportunity to share values, a commitment, and an adherence to the company culture.

If you are interested, please contact us, we will propose you a customized Off site, as well as a possible accompaniment, with our facilitators.