Design thinking workshops are well known phases of innovation companies with a user-centered approach.

This method is a thought process that places the user at the center of production. All the innovation is directed towards a single issue. Is my design or solution suitable for my user? This technique has been in use for over 50 years. One of the great proponents of this technique was Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple and a great advocate of design as functionality. Design thinking allows us to create products, services or functionalities that will be desirable or wanted by the customer, even if he has never expressed it. Or that he doesn’t even know it yet.
Design thinking will call upon several levers, which will help to create an adapted product. In particular, empathy, creativity, co-creation, but also iteration and error. The objective is to appropriate the tools of design to manage and create innovative projects and solve problems. This makes it possible to design products that meet the needs of consumers, employees or users. It also encourages innovation and allows teams to relax in the face of failure and creativity management.
The great advantage of this technique is that, with the right facilitators, it is possible to make opposing trades work together. This is the case, for example, for joint marketing, engineering and design teams. By combining all these skills, the goal is to be able to identify a problem and evaluate the environment in which it evolves, to find the innovation, the solution that will solve this problem, and finally, to design the form that will best embody the concept. It is a true collaborative project in the organization that will promote teamwork, improve project management and highlight the varied profiles of the company La Villa regularly organizes Design Thinking workshops for its clients, in order to encourage inter-team exchanges and to participate in the construction of new innovations! If you also want to invest your teams in this process, contact us!